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100% real weddings


A lot of photographers show staged weddings with models and say they were real. You will notice it by looking at the couple which are picture perfect models. With me you see only real weddings in my portfolio. On the wedding day a lot of unexpected things will happen and all of the experience from the photographer/videographer will be crucial. Due my experience you will just enjoy your day no matter what happens.

I have had the privilege of photographing over 200 large and small weddings so far. As the only service provider, I usually accompany weddings from start to finish and can give you valuable tips for planning the day.

"The hobby photographer (about 95% of wedding photographers only do it as a hobby or are inexperienced pro's with less than 50 weddings experience) doesn't get in touch after the wedding or doesn't have the photos anymore" won't happen with me.

Should I fail, I will provide a replacement through my network. Most of the work takes place in the background, in the preparation and post-processing as well as the multiple backup of your photos. I have two pieces of important equipment.





You will receive all successful photos in maximum resolution. The most beautiful photos get a special treatment from me. Processing takes about 4 weeks in high season. I don't pay per photo.

I look escpecially for natural, candid moments which reflect your wedding day as it happened. With my documentary approach I stay in the background and let the things happen which I capture in epic pictures and films.

lifelong memories of one of your most important days in your life

With us you can book wedding pictures and a video together. We'll come as a team, 1 photographer and 1 videographer. A wedding video is something really special as it captures emotions really well and you can hear the voices of your beloved ones.

The Getting Ready is the morning part of your wedding day. For me it's all about candid moments with friends and family. Not of the bridal dress and make up.

Do you need Party Pictures? Of course! It's an essential part of every wedding. Especially after your guests let themselves go a bit, great pictures can be taken and show the life of the party.