Services as a professional wedding photographer(2 photographers or photo+video combo possible)





I guarantee you at least 50 photos per hour. As a professional, you deliver consistent quality. Wondering how I can guarantee a number? From over 150 weddings experience.

I have had the privilege of photographing over 150 large and small weddings so far. As the only service provider, I usually accompany weddings from start to finish and can give you valuable tips for planning the day.

"The hobby photographer (about 95% of wedding photographers only do it as a hobby) doesn't get in touch after the wedding or doesn't have the photos anymore" doesn't exist with me.

Should I fail, I will provide a replacement through my network. Most of the work takes place in the background, in the preparation and post-processing as well as the multiple backup of your photos. I have two pieces of important equipment.





You can book an introductory/engagement/couple shooting (great for your invitation cards) within a radius of 50 km from Cologne to see how I work and whether you like the photos that will be created. *If you book for your wedding for 8 hours or more, you get the shooting for free.

You will receive all successful photos in maximum resolution. The most beautiful photos get a special treatment from me. Processing takes about 4 weeks in high season. I don't pay per photo.

  • Anticipate what's next: be prepared for anything (how does a photographer want to be when they've only been to 15 weddings? I've had over 150). When I'm at a wedding I constantly analyze the whole scene and pay attention to where something is happening or will happen. This also overwhelms many who are inexperienced and after 3.4 hours they are completely exhausted.
  • The talented and super cheap photographer who only cost half, with 10 (model couple) photos on the website is no longer in touch? Probably because he didn't save the photos properly and simply doesn't have them anymore (check out "Fake bridal couple photos"). Would you have a tooth fitted by the talented amateur dentist who is actually an accountant but has done it a few times before? :D
  • constantly changing light conditions: taking a few posed photos in peace, like in a styled shoot, is not. Many wedding locations are very dark, which overwhelms many photographers.
  • The bridal couple photos: (usually the most beautiful and important photos of the day) in the right place and at the right time. Difficult if you don't have the necessary experience to determine the right time, the right location for the shooting and, above all, don't know how to instruct the bridal couple without it becoming uncomfortable for them.
  • Reading body language on photos: I often see bridal couple photos with other photographers in which the couples smile at each other tensely and adopt unnatural poses. This not only feels strange to the couples but is also noticeable when looking at the photos. I always make the shoot easy and relaxed.
  • Important moments: handing over the ring, kissing the bride, moving in only happen once. If you mess up, there are no second chances.
  • Technology: not having the right lens with you, no flash with you or many photographers can't use flash properly, no backup camera, wrong settings, no double backup of the data.
  • During the ceremony: I hear many stories of inexperienced photographers/videographers interfering with the ceremony because they don't know the process and don't adjust to the sensibilities of the minister. Or lying down in a T-shirt for photos at the altar.
  • Image editing: you don't get the best out of image editing if you just don't know how to do it. Sometimes I have to smile about the photos I took at my first weddings.

    100% real couples and no booked models