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Easy going wedding photographer for your wedding in Düsseldorf, NRW or somewhere else in all of Europe - Easy going bridal couples. If your are a laid back bride and groom who doesn't take themselves too seriously you're at the right spot - I'll create a first class wedding video in Düsseldorf, NRW and Europe or anywhere else in the world for you.

As a fulltime wedding photographer and wedding videographer of russian-ukrainian-german decent from Düsseldorf, I have experience from over 200 weddings in all of Europe. I studied photography at the University of Dortmund and can guarantee you epic wedding pictures and emotional wedding videos on your big day. No matter if you need a wedding coverage of your church or free ceremony in Düsseldorf or NRW. I as a professional wedding photographer am especially drawn to capture true, unstaged moments documentary style where your wedding guests don't look in to the camera and show true emotions in Düsseldorf. I love to travel and can talk about everything with you in Düsseldorf, as I'm interested in most things. Don't forget to take a look at my wedding blog!


"one of the best photographers in all of Germany"

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lifelong memories of one of your most important days in your life

With us you can book wedding pictures and a video together. We'll come as a team, 1 photographer and 1 videographer. A wedding video is something really special as it captures emotions really well and you can hear the voices of your beloved ones.

The Getting Ready is the morning part of your wedding day. For me it's all about candid moments with friends and family. Not of the bridal dress and make up.

Do you need Party Pictures? Of course! It's an essential part of every wedding. Especially after your guests let themselves go a bit, great pictures can be taken and show the life of the party.

i love you.

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"Dear Slawa,

Thank you for your super good and professional pictures of our wedding, including the whole preparation and aftercare and the awesome engagement session at the lake. We couldn't wish for a better photographer!"

-Julia & Robert

"one of the best wedding photographers in Germany"



Wedding Photographer Dusseldorf

I’d love to photograph your destination wedding or elopement. Be it somewhere in Germany in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or somewhere else in Europe. You can book me worldwide. As the Wedding Photographer for your elopement, destination wedding in Germany, Europe, Cologne I’m mobile and can travel by plane, train or car.More

Photographer and Videographer for your wedding

As a wedding photographer dusseldorf and film maker/videographer I love to do documentaries because then you have to capture normal life in interesting photos. That’s what I love about weddings. I’ve already traveled a lot and made some dangerous trips where I had to put myself to the limit. Now I just enjoy the simple life with weddings full of joy. I like to photograph happy people and the emotional moments between you, your friends and your parents. When a tear runs down the bride’s or groom’s cheek. Or when they see each other the first time on the wedding day.

For laid back bridal couples

My bridal couples are rather the laid back type of people. Unconventional and don’t take themselves too serious. The wedding day is supposed to be full of joy and not an hectic and stressful event which gets rushed through.

wedding venues and shooting locations

Of course I can give you precious tips regarding which wedding venues would be the right choice for you and what the up and down sides are. In regards of the shooting locations you can completely rely on me as a professional wedding photographer as I know when and where to take pictures is best. You really shouldn’t just plan 10 minutes to shoot somewhere around the corner if you are looking for some really beautiful bridal pictures.

best time to shoot

Oftentimes the bride and groom wanna have the couple shoot right after the ceremony at noon. It’s a good idea to take the group and family shots at that time but not if you want to take romantic portraits of you and your loved one. As a bonus you will sweat. A lot. The best time is in the evening when the sun sets.

the best light for bridal portraits

the best time and light for bridal portraits is rather and dusk or dawn. Depending on what type of person you are. Most couples cut the shoot in two halves and do one part right after the ceremony and one in the evening when the wedding guests are busy eating.

In the evening you have really soft and romantic light which you just can’t simulate at noon. I’m sure you all heard about the golden hour – for a reason.

bookable in Dusseldorf, Germany, Europe and worldwide

I love to travel and already did some documentary photography abroad: Roofers, young people who climb high buildings and let themselves hang down with one hand. Parkranger in Iceland(this was for my bachelor thesis at university), middle east conflict as well as refugees in Georgia(the one near Russia, not in the US).

I’ve also photographed a lot of destination weddings. I know what and how to do to take great pictures on the other end of the world! No joke. I could step into a plane right know and take some great pictures tomorrow in Los Angeles. I love the city and know many nice spots where to shoot. Well, maybe not tomorrow but the day after due to the jet lag.

As a photographer I’m privileged being able to travel very lightly with just a backpack. No matter how far to go.

civil wedding dusseldorf, germany

As a civil wedding photographer from Dusseldorf, Germany I’d love to capture your wedding at the dusseldorf town hall. Because I grew up in this city I know every street and spot to take awesome photos.

Usually you should get there 15-30 minutes prior to register you and your best men/maid of honour. The best light and atmosphere in my opinion you will find at the Rentkammer and not the Turmkeller. Right after you get into the wedding chamber. The ceremony takes from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of guests you have with you. Then you go out and have your gratulations and some champagne right at the old market outside of the town hall. It all takes around 1-1,5 hours. After that I recommend to do a bridal shooting which also lasts around 30 to 60 minutes. If you want really nice pictures you should do the shoot as long as possible.

At first you always have to get used to being photographed as this is completely unusual. I had a lot of shy couples which were sceptical at first but just didn’t want to stop taking pictures at the end of our bridal couple session haha.

enjoy your big wedding day!

You really should have fun on that day and not worry about everything being perfect and how your guests expect it to be. It should be like YOU expect it to be. And in terms of the bridal shooting you really should also plan some time to move to a really nice location and not to some park close by. It’s just like with real estate: location, location, location! You want to have epic pictures? Then you need to fly to Iceland! But also here in Germany, Dusseldorf I know some really great spots.

wedding photographer blog

In my wedding photographer blog I share with you stories – good and bad ones – about what happens before, during and after weddings. Because I travel a lot there is always something happening. I also give tips for your wedding day as I’m the only service provider who attends the wedding throughout the whole day.